Why you should consider restaurant pagers as a godsend

Written by Cash Registers Online

Aside from cash register parts, you might also want to buy HME pagers for your store. Why? It’s this new trend in restaurants and cafes wherein cashiers or employees hand out pagers to customers who order from the counter. Instead of your people having to head out and manually serve whatever food or drink that they order, they instead would have to watch if their pager goes off so they can get their own order from the counter. And that concept is really smart, if you ask us. That’s because you would be able to save large amounts of time in a day from doing so! You see, instead of having to head out one by one in order to serve all the orders of your customers, you’re actually reversing roles now. All your employees have to do is get their food or drink ordered, put it in the pick up area, and they just have to wait for their customers to return the pager to them.

It’s really ingenious. Think of all the time you would be able to save. By doing so, you would also be able to divert tasks and jobs to your employees like cleaning out appliances and equipment, or cleaning up the place whether it be the floors, or tables that have trash on them. Other than being able to save time, you would not also need to have so many employees anymore. And that’s because of these handy and convenient pagers that’s not even so expensive to buy.


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