Why Should I Use Wireless Credit Card Processing for my Company?

Wireless credit card processing is one of the great steps in technological development to help support home run and small businesses. This allows a merchant or salesperson to receive direct payment from a client when they do a sale that is not at a store, online, or through a conventional credit card terminal. Typically, this sale is rung up by using their phone or some other wireless device to capture the credit card information. And this can be done in many different ways, such as taking pictures of the credit card and filling out security information online or attaching a card swiper to your mobile device to swipe the client’s card in front of them. No matter what, wireless credit card processing can be a great asset to your business.

If your business runs by door-to-door salespeople, or by word of mouth, then enabling your employees to accept credit card payments via wireless will increase your sales tremendously. As the business owner, you would set up your Internet merchant account and have your employees connected to your account. This way, any money they charge wirelessly still goes directly into your account, just as another transaction would. When a client can pay by card right then from his or her own home, it affects you in a very positive aspect. First, you are not required to wait weeks for a check to arrive and then go through. Accepting checks is still a viable option, but offering to charge a credit card allows you to complete the sale immediately and have the payment deposited into your merchant account within 72 hours. What is a better option than immediate payment?

Also, offering this service to your guests will encourage them to make a faster decision about your product. One of the biggest reasons provided by potential clients for not purchasing a product immediately is a lack of money. Therefore, if you offer to accept their credit card, you are overcoming an obstacle they are facing and solving their problem by offering your product in a convenient manner to them.

Some clients will be wary of this form of payment, but this is just as safe as an online payment. The mobile device uses a satellite to communicate with the bank and credit card company is just a manner of seconds, and with the same protection provided online. A receipt is easily available to the client via email, and a signature is requested, often through using the touch screen of the device. This form of payment is just as secure as a retail or Internet payment.

There are many positives to using online credit card processing. Prevent loss on potential sales an consider a merchant account.


Guest post provided by Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc., provider of Internet and credit card merchant account processing. For more information, visit their website at www.charge.com.