Interim Management Can Heavily Improve a Construction Project

Construction ProjectHiring a full-time project manager for a construction project can be painstakingly expensive, especially when a project only requires part-time work. Not only that, but finding the right manager that has all the skills that you’re looking for can be a tall task. Instead, why not consider interim short term management as your temporary solution. These interim managers are trained in a variety of different fields within the construction industry and can fill the gaps with relative ease.

Interim Managers are Versatile

Seasoned professionals like Lyle Charles, of Lyle Charles Consulting, can take the reins of a project and guide it to success – all while emphasizing cost-efficiency. These specialists have years of experience working in all sorts of construction sites. With this knowledge, they’ll be able to implement strategies and tactics that will increase the efficiency of your team while avoiding distractions.

Experienced in Multiple Fields

They can also be hired to minimize the risk of claims. Because of their vast amounts of experience, they know how to handle claims when they come up. Whether it’s handled through private mediation or litigation, these experts understand how to properly approach these issues and handle them with delicate care. They also tend to serve as advisors to the management team, offering guidance on what can be improved on. Things like project planning, time management, and scheduling can be enhanced through alternative strategies.

The Bottom Line

The complexity of construction projects have drastically changed over the years. Buildings are becoming more advanced, and project plans require more detail. This doesn’t work in the favor of the team working the buildings. Therefore, having a reputable short term manager may be the missing piece.