4 Things That You Might Be Spending Too Much On

Being a savvy shopper involves putting your guard up whenever you’re out making purchases. Whether it is food, personal grooming or products and services, there are certain places where you might be spending a bit too much.

Here are 4 of those areas that you might be spending too much on:

merchantcapitalinc1: Advisory Fees

Financial advisors are helpful with budgeting or investments. But it is important to check how much advisory fees are being paid as a result. Sometimes it is too high. This is where it is better to switching to a planner or broker who charges less or managing your finances by yourself. Thumb of Rule: find an advisor who charges less that 1% of your assets annually.

2: Haircuts

Most people take recurring appointments for your haircuts. Of course, the price of a single haircut goes up periodically but most people don’t think twice about it. But it’s time to think twice about this since the average price of a man’s haircut is about $38. This adds up to $912 a year if you go twice a year. Go for a haircut once a month if you must and save half the amount instead.

3: Car Insurance

Americans, on average, tend to pay $907.38 on car insurance. There is one way by which you can reduce that amount if it seems a bit too much. What you have to do is shop around for insurance instead of blindly renewing your insurance every year. Once you get better figures from other insurers, take it to your current insurer and check whether they can do better or not.

4: Kid’s Meals

Don’t pay for children’s meals. There are certain restaurants where children under a certain age can eat for free. One site at which you can find this information is MyKidsEatFree.com. Keep a list of those restaurants handy and save about $5 per meal when you visit the restaurant.