3 Stocks That You Should Consider Buying After Watching Insider Moves

Most stock market experts spend time watching insiders when in a sideways market. The reason for this is obvious: a little assistance from the inside always helps these stocks to break out on the outside.

That said, here are 3 stocks that you should consider buying as well:

#1: Accuride

A number of investment firms have been known to invest in Accuride which manufactures truck brakes, wheels,sets and bumpers. For that matter, companies like Cetus Capital, Littlejohn Capital and Coliseum Capital own a little more than 10 percent of this company.

Even though this company has faced heavy losses, experts believe that it will change its fortunes in 2014 where the earnings per share will be at $0.60.

#2: Swift Energy

With shares fallen way below their 52-week high of $19.69, two insiders have shown interest in this oil and gas driller by purchasing about $300000 in stock. It must be pointed out that a number of its key wells have been disappointing when it comes to output.

The company will discuss asset sales after the third quarter results and if cash flows looks to be strengthening after a while now, it might just be in a position to make a comeback soon.

#3: NuStar GP Holdings

Another oil and gas company NuStar has also received generous capital injections from their parent companies in recent times. In April, 78000 shares were purchased and now, another 50000 shares have been purchased for around $20 each.

The reason for this share price weakness is because of a liquidity crunch caused by a lack of cash flow. Even though investors are worried about the dividend being cut, analysts are sure that other options such as asset sales or overhead cuts will be pursued.