3 Risky Places to Avoid To Prevent Debit Card Fraud

Regardless of what you think, fighting fraud is trickier with debit cards than with credit cards. The simple reason for this is when credit card users find fraudulent charges, they can decline the charges but with debit cards, it is taking out of your checking account immediately.

Probably the only way to prevent debit card fraud is to be careful where you use it. That said, here are 3 risky places where you should avoid using a debit card:

#1: The Web

Even though debits cards come in handy when making transactions over the Web, it is still very risky. There are a number of points at which your financial information is vulnerable. Worst of all, with a number of high-profile breaches this year, at the merchants’ end, one can safely surmise that it is anything but safe. Yet what makes these type of transactions unsafe is that you have absolutely no idea who is handling these transactions at the other end.

#2: Gas stations

There’s a good reason why it’s always a better idea to use cash or credit cards at gas stations. While you are swiping your debit card, thieves can easily use a laptop, antenna and a skimming device in order to find your PIN. By the time, you’re home, your checking account would have little or no money left. What makes this so easy is because there is very little supervision. Even if they cannot get your PIN, they can still duplicate the card’s magnetic strip and use it.

#3: Outdoor ATMs

Users are far more vulnerable at outdoor ATMs than ones in public places. A skimming device inserted in the card slots and can easily read your information too. Worse still, cameras can be positioned to carry out surveillance of customers. One way to check for ATM skimmers is too look for ATM components that look beaten up.