3 Everyday Items to Avoid Buying in Bulk

While you can save money by buying things in bulk, this doesn’t always apply since certain items might get spoiled or expire they get used.

In some cases, smaller packages tend to cost less per-unit rather than super-sized containers of everyday items.

That said, here are 3 items that you should clearly avoid buying in bulk:

#1: Cereal
There is no need to buy cereal in bulk at all since it is often less per ounce on smaller boxes that you find at the local supermarket. In fact, buying a 30-ounce box of Kashi organic cereal costs at least $3 than two 16.3 ounce boxes that is on sale at your supermarket. Buying granola won’t save you money either.

#2: Cooking Oil
Cooking oil might seem like a bulky buy but it isn’t so since it has a shelf life of only 6 month. Not unless you are frying food everyday, it should be obvious that a gallon of vegetable oil will definitely go bad by then.

Apart from this, the bigger bottle isn’t always cheaper. In fact, the 1 gallon bottle (about 128 ounces) that you can get from Walmart costs the same per ounce as the 48-ounce bottle available.

#3: Eggs
Given that most packages sold at warehouse clubs are about 36 in a package, you’d have to eat one or two eggs a day to finish them in 3-5 weeks. This is why it is better to purchase only a dozen eggs at your local supermarket and which is actually cheaper than the bigger packages sold at these warehouse clubs.