3 Mistakes you may make before a big purchase

merchantcapitalinc july 2016Article Written by : Credit Card Processing News

You can have buyers regret after buying something that went on sale for less than half the price. However, if the item you purchased was a big ticket item, you may have lost a lot of money that could otherwise be used for something else Here are 3 common mistakes that could save you a lot of money.

Falling for the extended warranty upsell – Most customers think that the extended warrenty is well worth the money. However, research suggests that most products will not break during this 2 or 3 year extended warranty period and in most cases if they do, the cost of repair will cost as much as the extended warranty. If you still feel safer a warranty, ask your store if cover is provided if payment is made via credit card. Most credit card users, using Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express, are provided with warranty upto one year for free.

Waiting for a big-ticket Item to break, before replacing It – If you wait for an item to break to replace it, in most cases you will have to settle for an item that is more expensive. Instead, look for items that are showing signs of wear and tear and shop for them on the big 3 day holiday weekend sales. In the case of a car, shop for deals at the end of each month, where prices are at their lowest.

Settling for the sale price – Don’t settle for the marked down price, instead take advantage of the price matching policies offered by many retailers. Some retailers may offer free delivery, that may in the end add up to a much better price. You should also consider cash back offers on sites like Ebates.com and FatWallet.com.